24-26 maj 2024

Conducted by Christine Linnea (DK)
Supported by Noo Isalind (SE)

Greetings Women of the North.
Welcome to this weekend of womb awakening, ancestral healing & feminine shamanic power. We come together in unity to empower and liberate ourselves and each other; creating more beauty, freedom, joy and to call healing power to our lives.
Through tools of shamanism and tantric teachings we intend to deepen our relationship with the Earth, the Universe and to activate and re-member the unique Shamanic Power of Scandinavian Women.
We learn through the body.
During this weekend we will be offering specific sessions and rituals for the womb, heart, breasts, voice, hair & hands.
We heal with nature.
Through connecting with and listening to spirit, the ancestors of the land, the horses living on the farm and by letting life force flow freely, we create a profound space of healing through radical honesty, playfulness and simplicity.
We wish to encourage and empower women to remember and reconnect with Nature, to fundamentally understand their ability to birth and consciously create the future they wish for themselves and future generations.
Using the force of the full moon, we support each other in raising physical and spiritual health as we overcome our fears, light the fire in our hearts, open our ancestral voices and re-activate our wombs for us to live and love peacefully in alignment with creation and our pre-destiny.
The role of women and female life qualities has always been and will be important in this new age!
There will be specific ceremonies acknowledging and honoring the ancestors by feeding the god- dess of fire and the goddess of water. We will be sweating together in the hot pool, jumping in the ocean, give each other massages with home crafted healing balms, make teas and infusions with specific herbs and plants for female health, craft prayers, breathe, sing and share within this sacred circle.
Guided through the wisdom of our womb, intuitive and emotional intelligence, truth of heart and our connection with source. We welcome you to a profound journey of physical, emotional & spiritual release through shamanism & female sexuality.
We are looking so much forward to share with you!
With love
Christine Linnea
Noo & the supporting team of Kollberggården
Investment pr. per.
early bird (booking before 20th April) = 5.000 SEK / 3.300 DKK
booking after 20th April = 5.500 SEK / 3.570 DKK
This price includes food and sleeping in shared rooms (2-3 per.)
We serve a filling & delicious home cooked vegetarian diet based on organic and local ingredients. If you have food allergies, please contact us. If you have specific food needs for other reasons, or craving-food that you cannot live without- please bring! 🙂
Kollberggården // www.kollberggarden.se
Time //
Opening Circle: Friday at 16:00 (Please arrive at 15:00)
Closing Circle: Sunday at 14:00 (Leaving the venue latest at 15:00)
What to bring for the workshop //
Comfortable clothes for moving, a big scarf or a sarong, massage oil, a sheet and towel.
If you feel, bring an object for our shared alter space, shamanic drums or other instruments & jade egg (yoni egg) if you have. No previous experience is needed!
What to bring for your stay //
On top of the towel and sheet for the workshops, please bring your own bed linen – pillow case, duvet cover and sheet, as well as your own towel/s.
There will be a limited number of bed linen for rent in case someone is not able to bring.
The workshop will be facilitated in English.
If needed translation into Swedish will be available. Participants can speak in Swedish.
It is only possible to participate in the full retreat!
You book your space by writing an email to: noo.isalind@gmail.com
You will the receive further instructions on how to proceed with payment of the booking fee.
All questions are welcome!
(please note that simply saying that you will attend on the fb-event does not book your place in the retreat)
Christine Linnea is a choreographer, singer and medicine woman from Denmark.
In her dedicated dance through life, she has developed a unique body of work, especially for women, that has been presented at festivals, retreats and individual sessions across the planet.
In 2015 she created Drømmesalen on Møn island in Denmark as a framework for organizing ceremonies in Europe and offering shamanic journeys.
Christine ́s voice and medicine work transmits the frequency and potent message for Mother Earth and is bridging her knowledge from her North Europe Viking ancestors to the World.
Christine Linnea will be available for individual sessions after the closing of the retreat at Kollberggården on Sunday 26th-Monday 27th of may. These sessions are open for everyone, not only for the participants of the retreat. Spaces are limited.
A session can include shamanic/tantric massage, womb healing, channeling or prayer.
All sessions are designed to the individual and carried out in full discretion. Please contact us if you wish further information.
2000 SEK for participants of the retreat
2300 SEK for non-participants


Du bor i dubbelrum eller i flerbädds-stuga/lägenhet.

Vi har några enkelrum mot tillägg. 

Enkelrum (Fördelas i mån av tillgång.)

Rum i huvudbyggnaden
Litet enkelrum, med delat badrum: +200 kr/natt
Eget Rum med wc/dusch på rummet: +400 kr/natt kr
Rum på Ölandsgård i Radbyn, ca 5 minuters promenad bort förbi hästhagarna. 
Eget Rum med delat badrum (3-5 personer som delar badrum.) +200 kr/natt

Meddela eventuella intoleranser/allergier vid bokning.

Ta med kläder för alla väder. Oftast skiner dock solen på Öland!

Res klimatsmart! Med Buss 105 tar du dig från Kalmar tågstation, eller från Silverlinjen (direktbuss Stockholm-Öland), till hållplats ”Kleva” alldeles intill gården.

Om du behöver avboka återbetalar vi vid insänt läkarintyg för att du själv är sjuk. Vid eventuell återbetalning återbetalas inbetald summa med avdrag för bokningsavgiften. Om Vi måste ställa in betalar vi självklart tillbaka hela beloppet.

Vi har tecknat reseförsäkring via kammarkollegiet så du ska känna dig säker när du bokar hos oss.